Rabu, 24 Desember 2008

Digital Imaging works

Manipulation Photo

Results of the End

His instruction

  1. Open the photo of the "wave" from your computer with Photoshop CS3 or Older(If not yet having the material from this Manipulasi Technique you could download a PSD File with pressed Download link) As the picture was supervised this :
  2. Copy Image "wave" with pressed "ctrl + J" and then flip Horizontal image with pressed "ctrl + T" >> "Right Click" With the cursor was to the picture >> "Flip Horizontal". Then pressed "ctrl + u" to show the window hue/saturations, the contents saturation with the figure -75 to the small box available in this window . The difference of the regulation in accordance with the red circle to the picture was supervised this :
  3. Open Image "golden gate" then Drag it to layer "wave" by keeping the click left switch to the image and shifting him in the "Wave" layer, and then fix its In order to be the same as the measurement image "wave". Saw to the image was supervised this:
  4. Masking image "golden gate" with pressing the switch "add a masking" in the "layer palette" See the image below with red circle :
  5. Activated your brush tool, arranged opacity to brush 100%, previous carried out the process masking by means of brushing in the image part golden gate until you received results like below :
  6. Open "Liberty" image then moved it to the "wave" image. Arrange the liberty size, position and rotation with pressed "ctrl + T"to Free Transform it. See the image below :
  7. Add the layer mask in the layer of the statue liberty, the click icon "add the layer mask" to the layer palette. Then used brush tool for masking until getting results as the image below
  8. Only was like this that could be explained by me in the manipulation tutorial of this photo, you could add the other object like results of the end of this tutorial that contained the picture of the helicopter, the cloud, lightning, and rain. Click here for the technique made rain

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